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Part No. : TA8132AN
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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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According to reports, Websense RiskFilter 6.0 version of the original product has been integrated on the basis of multiple anti-virus engines, products and all security patches and fixes are in the new Linux Kernel v2.6.x based operating systems. Meanwhile, the "one stop" installed to provide users with a better user experience, Web-based user interface style is simple and bright appearance, more in line with current trends, navigation and more intuitive. Powerful anti-virus technology, enhanced document conversion, fully extended compliance dictionaries and rule sets by default, better log reporting and black and white list strategy development, are been enhanced and improved. Specific functions are as follows:
Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo, said: "My view is, Android fun, but not attractive." Trujillo also doubt Googles ability to follow-up follow-up, he said: "The first generation of products on sale, the problem is, you have to launch the second , the third and fourth generation. "Microsoft made it clear that during the holiday shopping season will be completed next year, Windows 7 operating system running on a PC work. Microsofts introduction of high Hao pipeline grid to improve the quality of the Velocity PC program, said, Vista Velocity program continue next spring, because Microsoft want to go back to school next year during the peak season to improve Vista computer. He also said Windows 7, Microsoft will also continue to implement the Velocity program. All of these have confirmed the industry rumor that Microsoft will be on sale next year in Windows 7, so that the computer in time for the holiday season can be installed before use Windows 7. After the meeting, Howard also confirmed that Microsoft will be concerned about the holiday season in Windows 7. He said: "Microsoft is definitely in the holiday season to focus on Windows 7."

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