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Part No. : TA7784P
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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The third step: in the list box, select "IP Security Policy Management", click "Add" button in the "Select Computer" dialog box, select "Local Computer" and finally click "Finish." So that in the "MMC console" enabled IPSec security policy. Go to "Control Panel ] Administrative Tools" option, run the "Local Security Settings" option in "Local Security Settings" window, expand "Security Settings" option, you can find "IP Security Policies on Local Computer." In order to enhance network communications security or management of the client machine, network administrators can be defined in the Windows system to implement IPSec security policy. An IPSec security policy by the IP filters and filter actions of two parts, one IP packet filter to determine which IPSec security policy should cause concern, the filter action is "permitted" or "reject" message through. To create a new IPSec security policy, the general need to create IP filters and filter actions.
So with these improvements, for gamers, we are truly able to experience what the change would it? First use of DirectX10, the games performance will be greatly enhanced the appearance of the original GeForce 256 hardware because it has the TL features the original CPU will be responsible for converting light and shadow to the graphics chip, and 3D lighting effects processing to take a large proportion of the scene, this technology allows the system to achieve 3D performance has been greatly improved. The DirectX10 has a new DLL database, a substantial increase in operating efficiency; other APIs will work more of the transfer from the CPU to the GPU body. Microsoft said: The entire API and pipeline will be redesigned, CPU time, run the program minimized, the idea is to maximize performance in DX10 without CPU involvement, maximize GPU performance, also participated in the work if you need CPU, then that is a fast, streamlined flow operation. DirectX10 GPU gives way to read and write data more effectively so that more work will be transferred to the CPU card and thus reduce the run time.

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