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In addition, Gao Xinmin, also referred to e-commerce in employment, the significance of social issues, he said: "We are now employment is a big problem, Ali Baba in their own platform, not only to provide small and medium transactions, and itself to provide employment opportunities for many young people. Alibaba and Taobao is now on the two platforms, probably has created more than 80 million jobs, which is direct, not including the supporting logistics. and the employment opportunities of Ali is a standard, only the net income over 2000 yuan a month, be considered an employment, below this is not employment. should be said that a great contribution to our jobs. But I think we e-commerce or other enterprises, including the communities, there is still much room for improvement and upgrading of industrial structure to promote the Internet and the growth pattern. To achieve these, we need to close the Internet industry to the traditional industries, with the integration of traditional industries, with the traditional industrial enterprises to join hands. Internet support services, traditional industries have been more value, so will the value of the Internet reflected their own, which is the value of the service is the concept of the network. "
ViewSonic Q171b In the interface area to provide only D-SUB port, I believe this has to meet the needs of most users. Editor Comments: This 17-inch ViewSonic general screen products for only 1499 yuan, plus 3 years of full-free warranty service, very good price indeed, the recent plan to buy 17-inch LCD monitors friends can be considered under this product. Dongguan mentioned IT network, will get better prices and service! AOC915Sw with black as the main colors, showing overall stable, generous style features. The machine uses the popular ultra-narrow frame design, the 19-inch widescreen LCD display of the full viewing area to the user, allowing users to experience the stunning visual effects. OSD buttons to set the machine in the middle bottom of the panel for easy user adjustment. Elegant, compact machine base is the appearance of a bright spot, with the panel to form a strong visual difference, with excellent results.

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