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Unless otherwise stated, when the sample application discussed in this series, we assume that you have downloaded all the dependencies that contains the full release package, version 1.1. Spring has been in continuous development under way to achieve a large number of new features, such as JMX integration, it has new features in version 1.2 of the column. If you want to master the new features before the release, the best way to achieve this goal is to get the latest code from the CVS repository. Detection of the latest version of Spring to the source code, you must first install the CVS, can be downloaded from the www.cvshome.org, then execute the following command: cvs-d: pserver: anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net: / cvsroot / springframework login
There is no doubt the stability of IBM servers, x3650 redundant functions by the rich to the stability of the optional performance ideal for long-running special applications. The x3650 server from a breakthrough in price will attract more enterprise customers concerned about upgrading dual CPU, memory capacity increased to 2 \ 4GB, with three SAS hard disk array composed of a large number of such servers or clusters will Its performance is more perfect to play, especially for a massive database needs to be visited and a large amount of users. In view of high-performance dual-core servers can be used as a terminal server and database operations to use as a streaming media server and e-commerce.

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