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Part No. : TA7628HP
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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Antenna technology using clustering, WLAN on voice communication is passed to all the wireless controller, do not consider the network subnet. In addition, because the convergence of WLAN in the wireless controller rather than a single AP, it can achieve seamless mobility. Although there are many issues to be resolved VoWLAN, but with the 802.11 series of standards related to the core algorithm development and maturing, VoWLAN will follow to resolve the key issues. Can be expected, along with the proposed multi-mode technology, the mobile terminal in the switch between different networks become more realistic, which will bring about the rapid growth of applications.
Building on Solaris using the GNU C / C + + applications GCC tool suite includes a C compiler and a C + + compiler. Because both Solaris and Linux, GNU compiler and make utility, so use these tools to start building applications is relatively easy. Then re-build the application, during the build process will encounter the error message can be divided into two categories: command line option issues and code issues. Please identify the GNU and Sun are accepted by the compiler command line options differ generated message. In addition to a few basic options, most options accepted by the compiler are different.

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