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Part No. : TA7607AP
Description : IC201 TA7607AP
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Manufacturer : ETC
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When users roam from one AP to another AP, the traditional WLAN authentication protocol will produce data flow interruption. Interruption usually lasts 0.25 to 0.5s, which rely on the network topology and the authentication server location. VoWLAN users will often move frequently between the switch in the AP. Using the traditional authentication, even the best circumstances, moving the terminal moment of the call can be heard both sides of the interruption. Therefore, the vast majority of VoWALN end solutions require a proprietary algorithm pre-share priority to improve the voice quality roaming and when the user moves within range of the AP to maximize the bandwidth switching.
The timetable can not sit idly by any business, so companies have to consider whether an upgrade to start a new activity. In addition to our mentioned at the beginning of "the need for Vista?" This issue, the other companies most frequently asked question is "In addition to Vista can I choose?" If the application uses only standard language and standard library components, and is not Be sure to SolarisS SPARC processors run, then relatively easy to transplant it. For example, Java applications often fall into this category. On the other hand, if the application does not use POSIX services on the Solaris C program, or rely on third-party products that are not on Linux, then porting is more difficult. When porting applications, many cases are not portable in the way and appurtenances replaced by something better portability. You will build tools to replace Solaris GNU tools, and use the POSIX-compatible with the Solaris thread library instead of the corresponding library. Because these tools and interfaces can also be found on the Solaris, so you can continue to be free to use Solaris, or even migrate to Linux development platform will continue to hold after the Solaris market.

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