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Part No. : TA75393P
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Page Number : 11
Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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With bar code technology in the asset management application of the continuous deepening of the good it brings economic and management benefits have begun to appear, especially in the management of a large group, which is mainly manifested in the following areas. First, the head of the branch management to improve efficiency. Information systems with bar code technology can make the head office to keep abreast of rapid asset management situation, not only improves the efficiency of corporate management, but also the management of corporate assets to grasp the overall situation. Second, improve asset management efficiency, reduce asset management costs. Through bar code technology, changes in the past year-end inventory, statistical work situation of fixed assets, you can always check the use of fixed assets, to keep the use of fixed assets and depreciation, greatly improving the companys management efficiency, avoid duplication of purchases of fixed assets caused by the waste, and reduce labor costs. Third, the optimization of purchasing, improve fixed asset management. Through bar code technology can have a clear understanding of the situation of fixed assets, avoid blind purchases bring waste, improve the management level.
Can make training a prerequisite to obtain maximum benefit from what? In order to enable enterprises to invest in training to obtain the best effect, that is, involved in training employees to benefit the most, to be specific the following basic conditions: 1, trainers must have sufficient experience and ability, they use the training materials and case must be meet the new market conditions, to help organizations address urgent problems 2, training of the people themselves must be fully prepared, the use of training time and opportunities provided to help themselves to some specific problems faced by people who attend the training must be the as an important investment opportunity

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