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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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Network security has become a focus of attention. Since the beginning of the IP protocol design did not give much thought to security issues, frequent early attacks on the network or confidential data theft and other issues. To enhance network security, IP security protocol came into being. Windows 2000/XP/2003 operating system also provides support for IPSec protocol, which is what we usually say "IPSec security policy" function, though it offers features not quite perfect, but as long as you are reasonable and custom, as can be very effective enhance network security. Author Windows2003 system, for example, enable the IPSec security policy function is very simple to introduce the following two methods: the first step: Click "Start ] Run" in the Run dialog box, enter "MMC", click "OK" button to start " Console "window. Step two: Click "Control Panel" menu "File ] Add / Remove Snap-in" option, pop-up "Add / Remove Snap-in" dialog box, click the "independent" tab of the "Add" button, pop-up "Add Standalone Snap-in "dialog box.
Traditional 3D rendering process: from the vertex to the polygon, and finally 3D surface rendering traditional rendering process: from the vertex to the polygon, the final 3D surface rendering traditional rendering process: from the vertex to the polygon, the last of DirectX10 GPU rendering surface unified shader hardware, the largest Shader units to mobilize all the limits, DirectX10 most significant change is to completely abandon them fixed GPU rendering mode, and supports the complete liberalization of GPU behavior, that is not clearly defined GPU pixel shader and vertex shader units, and supports a variety of tasks, such as 2D / 3D / video acceleration, and so the task of free distribution. It should be noted that the unified shader architecture is the vertex and pixel rendering unified hardware processing unit is not without vertex and pixel rendering operations. 3D graphics rendering process is actually still is to render the surface vertex and then deal with, but Vertex and Pixel Shader units will be called a unified, rather than the original vertex units / pixel pipelines!

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