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Data security crisis after another to accelerate corporate investment decision-making process vast amounts of data to bring corporate resources to network maintenance work also brought unprecedented pressure, companies are increasingly feeling the importance of data when the data is an important resource for a variety of disaster violations occur most easily when the object. Human error, viruses, Trojan attacks, management oversight, etc., causing nearly 50% of the data disaster, not including possible because of natural disasters, sudden power outages, network failures and hardware natural damage caused by uncontrollable factors such as data loss worries.
Microsoft CEO Steve - Steve Ballmer on May 12 local time, at a press conference in Mumbai, said the company laid off most of the work has been completed, and for Microsofts rumored interest in acquiring SAP was rumor. Ballmer said that in some areas will continue to recruit new staff, this is the second time in three years Ballmer India. Microsofts Ballmer also did not plan to acquire other companies for comment. Microsofts initial offer of 37.5 billion in debt, substantial financial resources for acquisitions, capital expenditures and stock repurchases to prepare. SAP is the worlds largest enterprise management software vendors, Oracles competitors. SAP market value of about 360 million euros.

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