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Although most of the needs of the plan approved by Congress, but ultimately have to used in commercial mobile broadband and similar applications. The program is sponsored by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission as part of the national broadband plan, the plan was released in March this year, encouraging increased bandwidth wireless broadband services. However, this may be subject to opposition from broadcasters, because the program will require them to give up some of its wireless spectrum. Some of the wired communication network invested heavily in the cable network companies will lose the same direction. It is understood that some of the proceeds from the auction of wireless spectrum will be used to improve the police, fire and other public safety agencies of the communication system construction.
Science and Technology of China, according to Taiwan media reports point of view, the rumors in 2000 mainland China mobile phone market share of 5% yield, 15% last year, there will be 30% this year, the end of next year to occupy half of the argument is open to question. Reported that the mainlands mobile phone production in terms of technology, price, style and appearance still can not compete with foreign brands. The article quoted President predicted that Samsung, handset manufacturers will be the next merger or bankruptcy disappear in the market, the brand will be the bigger scale, non-brand name is to a vicious cycle, China mobile phone industry will be required to self-vigilance. Giant Hang quoted Beijings largest mobile phone distributor in the complex chain of the telecommunications point of view, Chinas domestic mobile phone is not selling well, or end users accustomed to using Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson 3, the big brands, since the second half of 2001, Siemens, Samsung, Alcatel. First, the brand. Mainland real start producing mobile phones and access to markets, should be counting from 1999; was already in the mainland market, foreign mobile phone has struggled for several years, the brand has a considerable visibility. Especially Motorola, counting from the first pager, the 20th century to the mid-80s into the communications market in mainland China; in the minds of many people who get rich first, it is absolutely the first brand communication terminal.

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