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SiI9023CTU Datasheet | Silicon image
Part No. : SiI9023CTU
Description : SteelVineā‘© Host Controller
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : Silicon image
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In order to overcome data center disaster, Radware proposed design and implementation of disaster recovery solutions, and this disaster than the actual waiting much earlier. This requires addition to the original, the most important data centers and then to plan, deploy a secondary data center, it can synchronize with the original data center to run the same applications, and provide the same level of service with the original service. The implementation of this plan is bound to cover all the operational aspects of the data center, including storage, networks, servers, power, cooling and so on. There is no doubt that this is not a simple task, but also need to consider when a disaster occurs, performance requirements and the expected workload, and these must be is practicable. In the event of natural disasters, to implement the two data centers solutions to a global server load balancing to ensure that all transactions with the user traffic can be transparently redirected to another data center to end-user applications and services that all start and run to avoid the impact of natural disasters on these.
At the eve of the 34th International Telecommunications Day, "2002 CDMA in China Forum" was held yesterday in Nanjing, and CDMA telecom sector is closely related to government officials, operators, technical support, handset manufacturers and research experts scheduled to attend the meeting. China Unicom New Horizon has been chairman and general manager Wang Yingpei called "life project" in the CDMA equipment tender to build from only 7 months, with such a short time to build the capacity of more than 1500 million users, a cover 330 number of prefecture-level city is the first time in the international network. Wang Yingpei also believe that Chinas development of CDMA CDMA in the region caused the trend, "since the second half last year, the Asia-Pacific operational CDMA operators in many projects, particularly since the trend more apparent this year." Chinas third generation mobile communication systems research and development of the overall project team leader, said You Xiaohu, "Chinas 3G technology has no problem", as China Mobile to 3G in which direction, the choice will depend on the market.

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