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SY10E112JC Datasheet | Micrel Semiconductor
Part No. : SY10E112JC
Description : QUAD DRIVER
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Micrel Semiconductor
File Size : 72 Kb

SY10E112JC Article About

For a more complex networks, through careful contracting, can lead to a host NIDS received the protected contents of the package or not the same as the order to bypass the NIDS monitoring. Since some non-technical factors, there may be other routes to bypass the NIDS to reach the protected host. If the IP source routing option allows, can be designed to bypass the IP routing NIDS. If the data packet arrives NIDS and protected not the same as the number of host HOP. You can set the TTL value through careful to make a packet can only be protected NIDS or the host can only be received, so that the Sensor and protected NIDS host not the same as the received data packets to bypass the monitoring of NIDS .
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