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6. Installation. We can see, msr IPv6 protocol has been in the list. In windows xp as it has been integrated in the IPv6 protocol stack, so the windows 2000 compared with the relatively simple, at least you can not download the IPv6 protocol package . Installation is as follows: the traditional IP data is based on by-hop forwarding, each router forwards the data to be based on IP header destination address lookup to get the next hop routing table export, this is a cumbersome and inefficient work The main reason is two-fold: 1, some of the routing query to multiple search of the routing table, which is the so-called recursive search; 2, the route follows the longest match principle of matching, so almost all of the router to force the exchange of engine must be implemented in software, with the exchange of software on the switch engine and ATM switching in hardware to achieve the efficiency of the engine can not compete.
Some schools and small businesses may be because the price can not quickly switch to Windows 7. Ward said: schools and government agencies could afford, and some smaller companies may have no means to do so as soon as possible to enjoy this software. Apart from price, the market momentum to promote the Windows 7 than Vista. Ward said: "When Vista launched, we have no motive to do what we now offer this type of service. For these services, we have no clear customer needs. Now we do have a considerable number of customers, large or small, really waiting for Windows 7, and has prepared plans to switch to Windows 7, they have to Dell for help. the kind of demand and the opportunity to strongly than in the past. Dell services are also ready for Windows 7. He said: We are the professional services sector is beginning to build services and products, specifically designed to help users transfer their images, applications, management, infrastructure and security and so on. More than half of Dells corporate customers are still using Windows XP, and these users will eventually have to upgrade. Ward said: XP can not live forever.

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