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Part No. : STTH1602CT
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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July 27, 2005, with the last machine installation is completed and successfully passed inspection, a total of 20 sets of APC UPS systems based in the four major manufacturers of mold - Lung Kee Metal, for the supply room and protect supply lines. Lung Kee Group, the worlds four major manufacturers of mold, mold sales for many years ranked the highest in Asia in the Asian region has a number of subsidiaries. In recent years, Dongguan, Heyuan supply the industrial area has been tense, with frequent power outages, power phenomenon. Policy-enabled power rationing forced the Dragon, their generators, but not a reliable guarantee for the supply room, factory frequent power outages will lead to the production efficiency is low, so purchasing a reliable, high-availability back-room power is imminent.
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