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Part No. : STPS2L40U
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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The following is the IPSec tunnel mode operation example. A host of a network generates an IP packet, the destination address is another network host B. This packet is sent from the originating host to host a secure network edge router or firewall. Firewall packet filtering all out to see which packages need for IPSec processing. If the packet from A to B need to use IPSec, firewall for IPSec processing, and the net bag pack, add the outer IP header. The outer header source address is a firewall, and host B destination address may be the edge of the network firewall. Now the package delivered to the host Bs firewall, the router checks only way the outer IP header. B will host the networks firewall to get rid of the outer IP header, the IP sent to the host B to the inner layer.
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