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Part No. : STPS10150CT
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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Achieve viral suppression in the configuration can be divided into the following steps: First, in the global mode settings for different connection times the sensitivity 5308switch # connection-rate-filter sensitivity mode suppression connection request source address the same time and frequency of the target host Connect the frequency interval punishment Miao 3730-60 Medium 1.0 High 1.0 Miao 2260-90 seconds seconds seconds Aggressive 1.0 Miao 1590-120 5308switch # filter connection-rage if the switch detects that a particular issue from a number of host ip route connection requests can notify-only: the error log, send a message to the snmp host; throttle: the error log, send a message to the snmp host, while intervals in the punishment block the port, the penalty time expires, the port allows the host network connection, simultaneous detection of port traffic, and if suspicious behavior is still there, blocking the switch port;

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