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Part No. : ST735CD-TR
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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ST735CD-TR Article About

Applications II: television studio control room performing large-scale exhibition of various indoor signal input type of rich, high-resolution VGA and can meet all kinds of high-definition signal input; full-color display, brightness uniformity, color consistency between the various units can meet the above areas high demand on the video display; 3.6mm splicing gap, smooth interface screen, the overall sense; form thin, easy disassembly, stylish, body thickness of only 87mm. Three application areas: large-scale shopping malls Bank office lobby against public utilities burning technology, long operation time; high resolution, crisp and clear images - ideal for close viewing; brightness / contrast high - suitable for long distance viewing, operation stability; 178  Ultra-wide viewing angle - the angle of view to meet; 60,000 hours long life, no more maintenance.
The display of the main selling point is its high-definition support, in terms of performance parameters, the monitor is relatively modest level, the price is 2190 yuan also offers free three-year full warranty, so compared to other after-sales support for high-definition display monitor , it is quite advantageous, the recent plan to configure friends worth buying high-definition displays. AOC LCD manufacturers now have to line this 19 912WS LCD widescreen display, the price adjustment to 1499 yuan, and is currently the lowest in its class manufacturers, and popular, the performance is no less, and with the certification by the Windows Vist the price is very kind. We look at AOC 912WS widescreen cost-effective. AOC 912SW base part, OSD control buttons designed in the frame bottom, a strip-shaped buttons are arranged orderly sequence, control is more simple and convenient. Performance specifications, the model has a 300cd/m2 brightness, 1440X900 the resolution, 700:1 contrast ratio, horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 160  / 160 degree viewing angle, response time of 5ms.

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