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In the past we used to write JDBC code, transaction management might look like this: Connection conn = null; try {conn = DBConnectionFactory.getConnection; conn.setAutoCommit; / / do somethingconn.commit; / / commit transcation} catchfinally catch {/ / do sth.} / / close ResultSet, PreparedStatement, Connection / / notice: Maybe ocurr Exception when u close rs, pstmt, conn} The idea to write under the previous code, the code than the longer, and easy to neglect, forget some try / catch, lead to some anomalies can not catch, though sometimes we will write DBTool class, to close these resources, and ensure the closure of these resources do not throw out an exception, but doing so would result in additional trouble. Spring provides several classes on the transaction: TransactionDefinition / / transaction attribute definition TranscationStatus / / represents the current transaction can commit, rollback.
IBM System x3650-71C using a 2U rack server structure, the strong performance of a standard Xeon 5160 dual-core processor, the core frequency of 3.00GHz, FSB 1333MHz, Dual Core 4M shared secondary cache, maximum support 2 CPU, and support for quad-core processors. Equipped with a 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM memory, maximum support memory capacity 48GB, 12 memory slots. Stored on the hard disk is not available in standard maximum 1.8TB hot-swap SAS hard drive support. Motherboard integrated RAID 0,1,10, the card can support the array composed of RAID 5,6 mode, the disk provides a 6-bit, integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet, four expansion slots. Standard is a power, power 835W, the cooling system provides cooling fan 5.

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