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NTT DOCOMO Inc. Has been successfully sent 4 received 4 multiple-input multiple-output system, real-time transmission of outdoor experiments, the system uses a 100MHz bandwidth, to achieve the highest transmission rate of 1Gbps. Also, 12 rounds of 12 multiple-input multiple-output system received the outdoor experiment has been completed, the 100MHz frequency bandwidth, and 64QAM modulation, the system reached the highest rate of 5Gbps. Como Communication Technology Research Centre are research priorities for LTE-Advanced is also made 8 of 8 received multiple input multiple output system, developed for high-end multi-input multi-output system, lower complexity detection algorithm in order to develop low cost , LTE-Advanced low-power system network equipment.
A tariff expert also said that the reason for users to switch network is nothing more than charges, the service for several reasons, the operator packages should be considered low in the setting of the core differences between high-end customers, to achieve selective binding customer segmentation and so on. Ministry of Industry insiders told reporters the program is currently not considered to switch to other networks such as the users service packages, stored calls in the case did not use it due to switch to other networks such details. "Even if the program were agreed to switch to other networks, also need a year to promote, as a pilot in Guangdong is also a necessary step in advancing the policy."

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