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Database name; database file name and location; redo log file name and location; table space name; the current log sequence number; check point information; log history information. connect system / admin @ lgtest as sysdba; copy source controlfile to dest controlfile for example: copy E: oracleoradatalgtestCONTROL01.CTL f: controltest.ctl 3. Modify the initialization parameter control_files control_files = E: oracleoradatalgtestCONTROL01.CTL, f: controltest.ctl startup pfile = E: oracleadminlgtestpfile init.ora.108200317263 its role: diversified control of documents, as long as there is a control file is not damaged, the other damage to the control file from the initialization parameter file to remove the system can continue to run after reboot.
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