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NGN, 3G, 3G evolution and NGBW is very concerned about the communications industry and continues to explore the hot topic. It is hoped that through the NGN and NGBW to solve various network problems, such as network security issues, QoS issues, intelligent network management issues of mobility and network convergence and integration, the smooth evolution and backward compatibility issues. 2O03 in the second half to mid-2004, ITU-T SG13 study groups made considerable progress standardization work in the new period will focus on research, the research focus on NGN. June 2004 the ITU-T Study Group 13 set up a special meeting of the NGN project, a new group FGNGN, in response to the urgent need for the development of NGN, NGN to strengthen and promote the research work. Has set up seven working groups, respectively, in business requirements, functional architecture and mobility, IP-QoS, control and signaling capabilities, network security, IP network evolution and the carrying capacity in seven areas of work required to meet the international response to NGN standards globally urgent needs. Many standards have been completed draft recommendations, the research direction of NGN, general reference model, frame systems, business requirements, network capabilities, network security and IP load capacity requirements, interoperability, quality of service, mobility management, managed IP network , heterogeneous network performance and NGN network evolution in various aspects of integration means the general requirements put forward for the world of communications carriers and equipment manufacturers to provide a network development and product development ideas and evidence.
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