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Users interested in the whole network of electronic commerce on the users role? The benefits of this model, what is it? In fact, we see the cooperation ShopEx and Taobao to this mode the user can see what is the significance, the advantages of various aspects of integration, the whole network of e-commerce is a convenient and accumulation. This is not just user-friendly and, more importantly, this is the whole network an Taobao chain initiatives. Taobao platform with the big effect, so that the entire network of users access to the widest range of business and support the sharing of resources and bring business benefits maximized. Naturally, not all Taobao, as long as there is an excellent platform for online can be a whole network of e-commerce integration object. We can also see that the whole network e-commerce is a big project is part of efforts to require more than one, ShopEx bring technology and services to support, build the platform, allowing users to maximize the application of the convenience and integration advantages. However, e-commerce is not ShopEx a whole network can be achieved, which is a huge project, within the scope of the need for greater sharing and cooperation. This may be the reason ShopEx Taobao together.
block: an error log, send a message to the snmp host, while blocking the flow of all data routing and switching; hp5308 # connection-rate-filter sensitivity low hp5308 # filter connection-rate b1 notify-only hp5308 # filter connection-rate a1- a4 throttle hp5308 # filter connection-rate b9 block the function of the source IP address, TCP / UDP ports and other port-inhibited startup configuration: connction-rate-filter sensitivity medium ip acCESs-list connection-rate-filter "ignore server" filter ip ignore ip Ip add Ip connection-rate-filter-access-group "ignore server" Filter connection-rage a1-a4 bloack

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