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Today, more and more employers found that corporate brand image has been unable to pull the wheels of business development, and even some brands are too. An authoritative survey evidence on this point: a survey of 100 large and medium sized agencies through enterprise growth factor analysis found that the "price" has become the main driving force indicators of Chinese enterprises, the enterprises contribution rate is 78%, while the "brand" only 52%. Compared with international enterprises, Chinese enterprises "brand contribution rate" lower than the international average of about 35% of the company. The survey also found that the face of lack of brand pull, most companies show helpless side, I once heard a famous home appliance industry at the provincial level company executives lament: We feel the brand is too important, but how to enhance the brand image? We do not know.
School of Software, Tsinghua University, Professor Wang: Today there are two new themes, one is innovation, one is a new era. China has two sentences, one is that world affairs will be minutes together for a long time, long period of division together. IBM just validated this sentence. There are old Chinese saying goes, and for your call. IBM in the database which has a very large contribution to this is a business, about your well today, I think the taste of the general demeanor, their counterparts in the industry have a very good accommodating attitude, and I respect that. Finally, I do enterprise information services for many years, so today I had the honor to meet the experts, I think that information of Chinese enterprises face great challenges. Chinas infrastructure is in generally good condition, the enterprise if the effective management of information, is facing enormous challenges, I think IBM should have the ability to have the confidence to push Chinas information to another new realm.

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