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Part No. : ST16C554DCJ68
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Page Number : 40
Manufacturer : Exar Corporation
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Protection framework in the cloud, based on a malicious Web site via the global system of scanning and vulnerability scanning the local network, the system realizes the function of both offensive and defensive protection initiative. Global system can scan a malicious Web site that contains the virus active search URL information, and a device for onward transport block in advance. Locally, UTM, IPS, firewall and other products are built-in vulnerability scanning capabilities, in deployment, the key server can be active for a user vulnerability scanning, complete user security state assessments, and environmental automatically generated based on user security list. First, the active defense system goes through a shared ability to detect all the devices to improve the detection of the efficiency of network security threats. For the entire system, a "web page linked to horse" only need to complete testing again, the whole network and all other safety equipment will automatically block the download of the page request. Internet threats are detected more safety devices can save more, forming a virtuous circle, and ultimately provide users with faster speed and better detection of network quality of service.
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