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This is a message from the Electronic Privacy Center and the Center for Digital Democracy and the media on Tuesday held a conference call From out of the news. This two bodies executives expressed their concerns that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission may be ignored by the two companies merged in the mass storage of consumer data privacy issues arising. FTC predictions about the attitude they not mere theory. November, FTC members Jon network behavior in an advertisement about the meeting, said the merger of our analysis and the relevant competition and potential competition, and has nothing to do with privacy. But EPIC and CDD is that it is not. They believe that FTC have sufficient legal authority and obligation to solve business problems in the privacy of the merger, if necessary, it can set restrictive conditions to the merger transaction, to ensure that the combined company will not infringe on the privacy of consumers. Google privacy groups did not comment on the latest activities, but it sent a statement to News.com, said that the deal for consumers, advertisers, web publishers will benefit, and continue to believe that it will be approval.
When the relevant government officials, Ministry of Information Industry, Institute of the communications industry, learn leadership, the national leadership of the major telecommunications operators, Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry, the communication policy research, communications standards, communication network planning, communications, market analysis leading experts, FORCE10 and other international communications equipment vendors CEO, CTO and other aspects of leader who will be the industry is pleased to announce the "2004 China Top Ten Keywords communications industry activities" selection results, the meeting will Chinas telecommunications industry in 2005 situation, development trend of Chinas fixed network technology, China Mobiles status and trends, Chinas telecommunications industry policy outlook, Chinas telecommunications industry, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", Chinas telecommunications market situation and prospects of development of all aspects of the industry analysis, the focus of issues of common concern were discussed together with the industry. Event Details Please pay attention to http://www.cttl.com.cn/invest/2004/. Wireless data solutions provider, announced the ACCESS, ACCESS NF i-mode Global Profile used for the European market, Samsungs first i-mode world phone, model SGH-S341i. This is a summary of global applications, including the ACCESS NF browser, MMS client, JV-Lite 2 Wireless version, SSL, and TCP / IP protocol stack.

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