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Part No. : ST1284-02A8RL
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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CAR has a very useful basic QoS function. For example, if the WAN at 128Kb a remote area, you have a job request. Request all normal, until one day, a new employee access to a PC, a web browser and network. In use, the connection through the 128-Kb download Web pages and files, separate web browser allows remote operation throughout the network slows down. So how do you take to prevent the web browser requests for slow wide area network and to work it? QoS for the Cisco router has many features, many third-party applications and devices can help solve the problem. However, we are here to introduce one of the most simple solution, without any cost, the use of Cisco IOS and CAR can be achieved as long as a few minutes. ZDNet announce
See the Migration Guide Learn more about the assessment of migration. Also, outsourcing this part of the migration tools and introduce you to some experts, they can help you evaluate the applications portability. My application can continue to run on Solaris it? If you do not want to choose between Linux and Solaris, then, do not choose! When you are porting applications, a lot of cases you are not portable in the way and appurtenances replaced portability and better things. You will build tools to replace Solaris GNU tools, and use the POSIX-compatible with the Solaris thread library instead of the corresponding library. Because these tools and interfaces can also be found on the Solaris, so you can continue to be free to use Solaris, or even migrate to Linux development platform will continue to hold after the Solaris market. Following this straightforward approach will allow you to carry out the development team gradually changes from Solaris to Linux. You can transplant work together with the major development work carried out, thus minimizing disruption. If implemented properly, your application will be the end of the migration process can be as good for Linux and Solaris.

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