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SSS2N60B Datasheet | Fairchild Semiconductor
Part No. : SSS2N60B
Description : 600V N-Channel MOSFET
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Page Number : 10
Manufacturer : Fairchild Semiconductor
File Size : 857 Kb

SSS2N60B Article About

Redundant intelligence module is the "brain reserve", which, MIM same, when the MIM failure or to control the system when it pulled out of work. When MIM work, RIM may be hot. MIM no longer the case, to manually bypass the system can be RIM pull out ten. Catastrophic failure occurs when the UPS system, the static bypass switch to provide protection. It will enter the city after a surge protection power directly to the output above. Conversion time of 4ms, the load capacity of 125% of rated power. No mechanical contact, the system can continue to work. Static bypass switch may be authorized personnel hot. ISX has two N +1 redundant power supply card system, based intelligent power modules and redundant intelligence module, similar to dual-powered servers. Two cards in parallel, each one can independently undertake all of the load. When the card is faulty, the client software and the LCD screen can be seen inside the alarm. System, hot-swappable power supply cards. LCD display with 4 X 20 LCD, four buttons, four LED status lights and buzzer. Between it and the UPS to communicate via RS232. ISX with a network management card and 2 empty attachment slots in the UPS cabinet before the bottom.
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