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SPX1117T Datasheet | Sipex Corporation
Part No. : SPX1117T
Description : 800mA Low Dropout Regulator
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Page Number : 10
Manufacturer : Sipex Corporation
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Network connection, in order to pay particular attention to ensure the integrity, regardless of whether the network security. In the transmission process, third parties can access the transmission medium may be re-routed or modify data. Related to the physical environment and network connectivity aspects of the integrity of the computer is not specific to Linux, but for all who are so installed on the computer; so this is beyond the scope of this article. In any case, in addition to other methods, taken in the physical layer data protection measures include restricted access to the computer to maintain the protection of the transmission medium, and to avoid power outages and electrostatic discharge. This series of articles will focus on encryption and signatures in the operating system and application environment to take measures to actively ensure the integrity. This article will also focus on audit mechanisms to identify the lack of integrity and identify the parties responsible Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection;
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