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Part No. : SP8M3
Description : Switching
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Page Number : 6
Manufacturer : Rohm
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Using public key algorithm to solve the session key distribution. Characteristics of the store and forward e-mail, use the handshake protocol to ensure that both sides have the same session key approach is unrealistic, and the use of conventional one-time key is to strengthen the already strong conventional encryption method. Shown in Figure 3, the message can use both services. First, the signature generated for the plaintext message and attach it to first; then use the CAST-128 and signed plaintext message is encrypted, then the session key using the RSA encryption. Note the order here, if the first encrypted and then signed it, others can be signed after the removed sign their signature, so tampering with the signature. The Black Gold Edition XFX XFX GeForce8600GT in the work can be said is absolutely classic, this card does not use black models of the public version of PCB production, it uses self-developed by the XFX XFX the PCB board, the use of their own circuit design, Therefore, the layout of this card is more reasonable, more luxurious elements, both play for the graphics card overclocking stability and performance guarantees, but also makes this card nice shape.

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