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In the full study, based on user requirements, Information Technology Co., Ltd. Consolidated Rex network applications over the years accumulated experience, committed to intelligent and centralized module management framework to solve network management applications, operational and safety and so on, and easy network analysis of network behavior analysis system is one of a product. As a wholly owned independent intellectual property rights management system for network behavior analysis, network analysis and easy integration of advanced hardware and software system architecture, with advanced packet capture engine, the behavior analysis engine, flexible management and control strategies, real-time analysis of network activity , and generate a wealth of statistics. The most noteworthy is the analysis of network behavior analysis and easy network management system including the bypass, transparent, three access modes, including routing, while providing the freedom of interaction with the Netoray series gateways to play a stronger role.
So what is collaborative software in the end? What is the role? In essence, collaborative software solution based on integration of enterprise resources and systems as the main objective, focus on the standardization of enterprise management, improve work efficiency. Some researchers liken to: collaborative software may be just as "the Bible" in the famous "Babel" story: people sharing the same language the power generated is so large that they cultivated itself into an almost Babylon "Babel", where direct access to God, heaven. The implementation of collaboration software, is a construction of "Babel" in the process, half-way encounter various problems, even highly variable. So what is collaborative software to implement a critical factor in it?

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