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SP8714 Datasheet | Mitel Networks Corporation
Part No. : SP8714
Description : 2100MHz Very Low Current Multi-Modulus Divider
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Mitel Networks Corporation
File Size : 107 Kb

SP8714 Article About

/ Sbin / lidsadm-S --LIDS or / sbin / lidsadm-S --LIDS_GLOBAL LIDS password you need to provide, at the time when compiling the kernel in the kernel by adding the RipeMD-160 format. Do not know if you noticed, in the shutdown script, a lot of the script can not work properly. The final shutdown script / etc / rc.d / init.d / halt will stop all the processes and unmount the file system. As in the file rc.local in "+ INIT_CHILDREN_LOCK" protective effect, other processes have not permission to kill init the other child processes. At the same time every 10 minutes, you will receive one on "rmmod as" can not uninstall the module error messages. This was mainly due to start later LIDS "-CAP_SYS_MODULE" protection makes the module into or unloaded there problems. We can remove the / etc / cron.d / kmod this file to prevent the error messages continue. Quick document browsing LIDS LIDS can understand a range of features. And I think the following are the most important of these features: CAP_LINUX_IMMUTABLE and outside it when the file system has been identified between the "immutable" prevent them from being written; CAP_NET_ADMIN prevent tampering with the network configuration; CAP_SYS_MODULE prevent the kernel module is inserted or removed; CAP_SYS_RAWIO prevent damage to the disk or Device I / O; CAP_SYS_ADMIN prevent the use of a wide range of other system functions;
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