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Part No. : SP721AP
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Page Number : 6
Manufacturer : Harris Corporation
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ASUS as a core application RS162-E4/RX4, based on Intel 5400 series quad-core processor platform, Intel 45NM process processor processor than the 65NM process, the smaller the number of transistors integrated more transistors on a chip twice the density, and lower power consumption, down 30%, switching speed can increase by 20% or more, the source level - drain-level leakage power can be reduced by 5 times, gate oxide leakage power is reduced more than 10 times. Which models in the processing speed, data protection, storage capacity, cooling solutions, outstanding extended performance, combined with unique design, can be called 1U server system application solution perfect for.
To prevent others from using their own computer, peek at their files stored in the computer information, Windows XP specifically for us ordinary users with a "file and folder encryption" function, the use of this feature we can store in the computer Important information is encrypted, so that other users in the case without a password can not access the file or folder content. Encrypted in the file, we first open the Windows XP Explorer, then operating in the Explorer window, find the need for an encrypted file or folder, then right-click the selected file or folder, from the the shortcut menu, select "Properties" command, then Windows XP will pop up file encryption dialog box, click the dialog box in the "General" tab, then select "Advanced" / "Encrypt contents to secure data" on it .

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