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SP708SEN Datasheet | Sipex Corporation
Part No. : SP708SEN
Description : +3.0V/+3.3V Low Power Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits
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Page Number : 18
Manufacturer : Sipex Corporation
File Size : 213 Kb

SP708SEN Article About

Sentinel allows you to use an encrypted lock protecting multiple applications. You can also at different times, additional applications for increased protection without the need to update the existing security architecture. Sentinel of the V-Cell technology optimizes memory capacity, so developers can easily and flexible access to all available memory to store data read or security applications. Sentinel allows you to many different development environment to do your application for protection. Sentinel through once you can only develop so that your applications support multiple operating systems, reduce development time and costs. The network version of Sentinel Hardware Keys protects client-server type of application that provides server monitoring capabilities to track license usage on the network. Sentinel enables the network administrator the network is not in use will be authorized to cancel or transfer to other users.
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