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Part No. : SP708SCN
Description : +3.0V/+3.3V Low Power Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits
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Page Number : 18
Manufacturer : Sipex Corporation
File Size : 213 Kb

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Transparent mode requires no changes to network architecture, enabling rapid deployment of IPS devices; routing, mixed-mode intrusion prevention capabilities to provide users with the same time to meet in small networks simple network functional requirements; multi-domain protection for one into the deployment more, multiple input, multiple output, link aggregation and other environmental; support the physical, logical two virtual engine, based on the physical interface and virtual IP address by the engine, and can set for each individual virtual engine testing strategies, and ensure that the refinement of targeted testing. Deployment of intrusion prevention systems are often the key nodes in the network, users are most concerned about the reliability of the device. Royal Lenovo deep understanding of the users network needs, provided in the new third generation of IPS hardware Bypass, HA double backup and multi-machine multi-cluster deployment of security mechanisms to enhance equipment reliability, reduce network IPS products, as the probability of fault . Royal Legend Network IPS and internal network security system composed of a complete set of collaborative protection system. IPS found in the network terminal from the internal network attacks or violations within the network will automatically notify the security system, network security systems automatically by default policy violations to take off the terminal network, the isolation, message notification and many other treatments, problems quickly to prevent further acts of the terminal, the source from the root of the problem.
1. If you are running DB2 9 products, hardware environment is "Intel Itanium 2 processor" and "the second edition of HP-UX 11i" operating system, then the required minimum memory 512M. 2. To the minimum memory configuration running DB2 9 data server, the default can support 5 concurrent client connections, each additional 5 concurrent client needs additional memory to support 16M. 3. Data services in addition to the memory requirements of the system with the number of visitors on the client, but also update the internal data and data systems to adjust and optimize the movement is closely related to the frequency. New version of the DB2 products introduced automatic mechanism to optimize memory allocation, DB2 9 database products to run the process of "sorting, packing buffer, locking and buffer pool allocation list" data such as action can be automatic mechanism to adjust and allocate memory.

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