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Part No. : SP706SCN
Description : +3.0V/+3.3V Low Power Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits
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Page Number : 18
Manufacturer : Sipex Corporation
File Size : 213 Kb

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"Information Network security detection and response system, high-tech industrialization demonstration project" is the Venus Company was assumed by the NDRC in 2002 high-tech industrialization demonstration projects. October 2004, the project officially passed inspection. Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission State Council Information Office of the leaders, the State Secrecy Bureau, Ministry of Information Industry, the General Staff Office and the National Audit Office and other confidential network security experts in the field of 8, formed the project inspection team, after a comprehensive survey of the project after give a high evaluation, agreed that: "The project technical indicators, economic and social indicators have reached or surpassed
NFS is constructed using SunRPC client / server application, its clients through a single NFS server to send RPC requests to access the files. Although this work can be used to achieve normal user process, the NFS client can be a user process, an explicit call to the server, the server can also be a user process. For two reasons, NFS generally do not realize. First, access to a NFS file must be transparent to the client, the NFS client calls are on behalf of the client operating system by the user process to complete; Second, for efficiency reasons, NFS servers in the server operating system implementation. If the NFS server is a user process, each client request and server response in the kernel and the user will have to switch between processes, and that price too. NFS protocol version 3 released in 1993, Figure 1-2 shows a NFS client and NFS server, a typical structure.

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