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Part No. : SP703EN
Description : Low Power Microprocessor Supervisory with Battery Switch-Over
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Page Number : 16
Manufacturer : Sipex Corporation
File Size : 216 Kb

SP703EN Article About

Beginning of 2003, 3Gs momentum began to wander out of low speed, turn up. The world already has the actual investment of 9 commercial WCDMA network, and the Asia Pacific region to Japan and Korea have launched CDMA2000 1X to EVDO version. However, overall, most mobile users still in the stage of 2G and 2.5G, 3G for high speed data applications can bring less experience, weakening its future 3G services for consumer confidence. The crux of the problem, WLAN and 3G, when both are present in the independent existence of the technology and application of short-board, and thus affect the overall level of universal application. More experts began to predict whether it will be like the original 3G ATM, even though perfect, but was eventually defeated by IP, the current WLAN can already point to point, multipoint, has begun to update the direction of the area similar to cellular development, bandwidth 11M from the original have been introduced to dozens of current to a hundreds of megabytes.
There is an unusual situation, that is, the application has been ported to the SPARC hardware-specific appendages, then the first two steps in the migration process becomes an important intermediate stage. It allows developers to Solaris without abandoning the underlying hardware and the SPARC does not modify the application-specific part of the premise of SPARC familiar Linux environment. Please download to your Sun hardware running Linux version and then install the operating system, use the GNU tools provided by the re-build applications. In the first two steps because of the use of GCC build the application, so in the first two steps will be encountered will be limited to the difference between Solaris and Linux run-time between the application programming interface difference.

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