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Part No. : SP508CF
Description : Evaluation Board Manual
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Page Number : 10
Manufacturer : Sipex Corporation
File Size : 73 Kb

SP508CF Article About

StorageTek another product - SL500, only 8 months of the launch of the record breaking sales of 1000! Usually in the storage area, a new product for any for six to nine months prior to listing is the foreshadowing of its slow sales can only increase. The product launch since October 2004, after May next year will come to a breakthrough in Thousands mark. But for the SL500 users, the news is not surprising. The product modules and scalable design is based on the same hardware platform simplifies the complexity of the initial management, but also help users to significantly reduce total cost of ownership, to avoid multiple tape libraries in the management based on the upgrade. And the scene in all its main components can be replaced, including the robot parts! SL500 has also received numerous awards, including the 2005 World Congress backup storage hardware category of the most valuable product award category in 2005 Datamation Product of the Year Award Enterprise Server
According to statistics, 80% of the server, the industry has not been optimized design, 90% of the server does not have time for system performance monitoring, 95% of the server does not have comprehensive data redundant security measures, nearly half of the server does not use data backup solution . Embodied as follows: For the power supply, hard disk, controller, network cards and other critical components does not use hardware redundancy; also unreasonable allocation of memory, CPU, hard disk controllers, resulting in reduced performance; do not use any network server management software and hardware, the management of serious shortcomings, in fact, server maintenance work can be seen quite cumbersome, business users who need to pay attention to it.

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