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Part No. : SP506CF
Description : 5V, Single Chip WAN Multi-Mode Serial Transceiver
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Page Number : 21
Manufacturer : Sipex Corporation
File Size : 378 Kb

SP506CF Article About

Done so much, all is wasted effort, not only to know the service up and did not mean to find. After inquiries by the parties, and finally found the reason: License expired. Interface running at db2cmd db2licm-l, can clearly see the license has expired. Know the reason, the rest is their own way to solve this problem. Summary: until in some forums, very often see people send this post to ask, at least within two months I met three such posts. So, if you can not have a permanent authority to determine the circumstances, this happens, check with db2licm-l, is not too bad. In another case, with the front of the almost, is when you start the instance above the SQL1032N error. In the windows NT service can not start DB2-DB0 services, tips:
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