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SP207HCA Datasheet | Sipex Corporation
Part No. : SP207HCA
Description : +5V High-Speed RS-232 Transceivers
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Page Number : 14
Manufacturer : Sipex Corporation
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The simplest solution is to change the location of the master and sub-machine. If possible, shorten the distance between the two. In addition, sometimes by changing the sub-machine direction, the signal strength will produce a larger change. Iron half-way there, we might open the gates to see how it works. Sometimes adjusted to the master and sub-machine from the floor at the higher, are very effective. In addition, the wireless LAN standard mainly used in the current IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g and IEEE802.11a, but for the obstacles, 802.11b and 802.11g better than 802.11a. If you change the position and orientation, the signal is still not improve, and can be used in machine tools or sub-machine method of adding an external antenna. External antenna, the current orientation of the Japanese launched BUFFALO "WLE-DA" and non-directional "WLE-NDR" two products. If the direction of the master and sub-machine has basically been determined, you can select the directional antenna, or optional non-directional antenna.
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