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Part No. : SN75451BDR
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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It is understood that the world can provide a full range of multi-core chip has two major manufacturers, namely CAVIUM and RMI. CAVIUM the advantage of auditing more parallelism is good, while co-processing features to support very perfect, which is more conducive to the application layer to enhance the computing power; RMI has the advantage of high frequency chip internal bus and distributed memory structure is more optimized more conducive to enhance the network level computing power. In other countries, the pace of multi-core development than the leading 1 to 2 years, like Cisco, Juniper, CheckPoint, SonicWall, and other mainstream security vendors had already completed the technology to control the accumulation of multi-core and multicore computing era began to move.
In November last year, a seminar held in Beijing, China mobile wireless data, said Xie Feng, general manager of R & D center, transportation Monternet do more than a year, and is not well across the country; in the implementation process, there was no partners expected to follow up the situation in large quantities, the data value-added services so inadequate. In contrast, the sharp increase last year, SMS wireless data services can be described as the biggest bright spot. SMS the year a total of 15.9 billion, according to 0.1 yuan per meter, a total of 1.59 billion yuan in revenue. But according to China Mobile and SMS ICP are profit-sharing agreement, the income of China Mobile can get less than 2 billion impact on the overall income is undoubtedly inadequate.

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