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Part No. : SN75189AD
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Page Number : 10
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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5, restart the router to see all the questions are answered: NO or press Ctrl-C. In to see the "Router>" prompt, type the command: enable. Can see the "Router #" prompt. Now that you have in a state of the privileged user. 6, type the command: config mem or copy start running to NVRAM contents admitted to memory. Note: Do not use the command: config term. 7, type the command: wr term or show running. At this point, you can see the routers configuration, including passwords. If the password is not encrypted, you can record, otherwise, you need to change your password. 8, type the command: config term. When prompted: hostname #. 9, type the command: enable secret. Change your password. 10, suggest that you then use the command: show ip interface brief check if the status of each port are for the UP, if not, turn it UP.
Eight telecom operators to provide telephone information service, the content of all types of information should be public charges; users dial information desk, the telecommunications business operators shall broadcast fees to users tone. Telecommunications operators to provide basic phone calls in additional to the fees charged by other phone services, charges should be published. September, telecom operators provide public telephone service was on duty, shall provide services in a prominent position location, user key used in public telephone telecommunications services marked price. Formats should be clearly marked by the corresponding telecommunications operators to provide unified.

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