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Part No. : SN74LV245ANSR
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Page Number : 18
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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When the instance is expected to stop accidental or instance failure occurs, this time need instance recovery. Instance recovery will restore the database to a consistent state before the failure of the transaction. If you find instances of failure in the line after, you need media recovery. In other cases, Oracle database, starting in the next, automatically performs instance recovery. A media failure is when a file, a file or part of the disk can not read or can not write failures. File error generally refers to the unexpected error causes the file is deleted or accidents cause the file to inconsistencies. This state of the database is inconsistent and needs to be hand-DBA database recovery. Alarm log files are generally recorded in the database, enable / disable information, archiving, backup and restore information, common error messages, part of the database to modify records. General rules that were Alrt.log or Alrt.log. Alarm log file path is based on the initialization parameter background_dump_dest to decide. The path of the background process trace file and alarm log file path is the same, in some cases, you can trace the background information document for more information on the needs of recovery.
It is understood that, "Academy" is a big company Microsoft and IBM set up the title, usually leading scholars of the technical areas. Microsoft and IBM are a resident of China were Fellows, a president of Microsoft Research Asia, Shum, another is the general manager of IBM China Development Center Dr. Zheng Miaoqin. This morning, the Ministry of Information Industry Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center released the "2007 Report of Investigation and analysis of software quality." The report shows that on the urgent need to improve software quality degree, with 82.7% of the enterprises that is to improve the quality of products; 71.6% of enterprises indicated that improving customer satisfaction. CSIP think this shows that the domestic software enterprises have realized the importance of improving the quality of software products.

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