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Part No. : SN74LS93N
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Page Number : 14
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Organized by the China Computer Users Association, named the "2006 Chinas information industry sector procurement preferred brand," announced a few days ago, Venus days Yue network security audit system and Venus together with the other two security products won the "2006 Chinas information industry sector procurement network security Products preferred brand "title. The event in a "fair, open, scientific, objective and realistic" principle, by the China Computer Users Association accreditation, the purpose is for business users in 2006 to provide reference information security advice. Tin Yue network security audit system, with "a strong safety management and audit functions" and receive awards. Tin Yue network security audit system is a network of resources for the business strategy of the audit of the security system, which combines Web content audit, authentication and access control as a whole, through the behavior of fine-grained auditing, ultra vires and illegal operation of the alarm user and blocking, to achieve the host, server, database and other resources, protection for the user to provide a strong focus on business systems audit management platform.
In addition, ASUS wireless router has all the access control includes the MAC, IP address filtering, domain access control and many other technologies to provide users with access to more perfect. DoS detection of the popular support to ensure the normal operation of the firewall. The Asus wireless network equipment specific to the high security features and technologies work together in providing a full range of wireless LAN security protection, so that business users can surf the network arbitrarily. As a new business tool, wireless network is that we can not see with the naked eye. However, when we talk about wireless network security protection, but absolutely can not can not see to think. Because, for those who want to deploy wireless networks enterprises, security is undoubtedly essential. Also, there is a market research firm expects, WLAN will further advance education and medical markets.

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