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Part No. : SN74LS251N
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Pollex Opna1.8 compared with the previous generation, the focus is the expansion of multimedia applications for mobile phones and data service support, also added a more powerful aid development tools, including wireless simulation, MMI customization tools ensure that customers can quickly customization and achieve competitive differentiation. Not only that, Pollex Opna1.8 also done a lot of optimization and combination of pre-chip testing, thus ensuring for the OEM / ODM customers with reliable total solution for multimedia phones, while a timely manner to meet the current market for "low cost", " high-performance "of the mobile phone needs. At the same time, Pollex Opna1.8 integrates the most popular mobile phone number of the current functions, such as multimedia, Bluetooth and so on. As the platform height can be open at any time can also be the next popular phone features are "income" them.
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