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SN74LS155AN Datasheet | Texas Instruments
Part No. : SN74LS155AN
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Page Number : 17
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
File Size : 733 Kb

SN74LS155AN Article About

High resolution, brightness / contrast high, can be used for flight, train information display areas; beautiful full color video display is excellent; panel for ultra-enhanced explosion-proof glass, long-term use is not deformed. Five application areas: Office of the video conference room multimedia classrooms thickness of the overall installed 87mm, can be floor, wall install, do not take up too much space; images crisp and clear; resolution of unlimited extension; four-way 178  super wide viewing angle, brightness uniformity, no color difference between each unit; splicing gap is less than 3.6mm, picture perfect.
AOC 912SW AOC model of the upper right labeled 912SW put Windows vista certified by the interface part of this display provides a D-Sub interface. AOC 912Sw input and output interface type D-sub analog audio input signal performance of built-in speakers Comments: TPV 921WS widescreen as an entry level, price and performance is not inferior to similar products, can enjoy the AOC after the purchase offer machine all security services for three years, compared to second-tier brands, from both quality and after-sales is not a small advantage on the recommended plan to purchase LCD over recent reference to a friend. As the leader in video technology, ViewSonic has always been committed to developing quality and excellent appearance with excellent display of products, display its products in the market no matter what position can always win consumers. In a number of ViewSonic products, Q Series is specifically designed for entry-level users, and todays editorial, I will introduce them to 17-inch Q171b Q Series LCD monitors, this LCD is currently priced at 1,499 yuan.

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