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SN74HC166DR Datasheet | Texas Instruments
Part No. : SN74HC166DR
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Page Number : 19
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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SN74HC166DR Article About

Six applications: military command and control military logistics management operations up to 2732 * 1536 resolution, high definition display; no brightness difference between each unit, no color, exact; no radiation, the signal strong confidentiality; can meet a variety of signal access, switching and flexible combination of the screen; up to 60,000 hours and stable operation, no wearing supplies. The thirty-one Technology CIMA 120 "plasma display splicing, it not only filled a large screen plasma displays in the history of the blank splicing, but also with their excellent performance to the masses the best return, the development of the industry to a new height . the future, large-screen display products will be more broad field of application, there will be a more important occasion a large screen display products, beautiful figure.
ViewSonic Q171b display with a full black appearance, the look and feel calm, generous, super-frame design coupled with straight lines, making ViewSonic Q171B, whether placed in very suitable for any occasion. ViewSonic Q171B the OSD control buttons are located just below the screen, five buttons were lined up, looking clean and nice, the top of the key features that makes it easy to quickly adjust the display state. Performance, Q171b still using a new generation of ClearMotiv ViewSonic clear video technology, response time of 8ms. With 280nits brightness, 600:1 contrast ratio. In the security certification, ViewSonic Q171b through the TCO 03 Certification and Energy Star certification. Since it is a position in an entry-level products.

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