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SN74AS04NS Datasheet | Texas Instruments
Part No. : SN74AS04NS
Description : HEX INVERTERS
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Page Number : 15
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
File Size : 518 Kb

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1, the vendor SDK download address? http://blog.csdn.net/Mailbomb/archive/2005/01/01/236606.aspx 2, manufacturers SDK and WTK What is the difference? The simplest understanding of vendors SDK is based on an increase in the WTK emulator and his own extended API. In other words, you are using the SDK vendor, you can use the expansion of library vendors, such as Nokias UI library, and manufacturers own simulator only. API extensions for each vendor are not many, but not the same. 3, how to use? Some manufacturers use SDK and WTK are the same, such as SamSung. Nokia provides a single interface to develop, but the interface to use much in the actual development. 4, issue vendor vendor SDK SDK implementation process, some bug, and inconsistent implementation and the real machine. NOKIA playback issues such as mixing and more.
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