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Part No. : SN65LVDS31D
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Beginning in 2002, CTAIS encountered more and more pressure, the main criticism focused on the technology, that technology aging, can not adapt to new business. However, general manager of Digital Tax Division can be added Sun said: "I think this may be an application must go through the stages, from a macro point of view to go through such a process." Results of the system after a successful on-line, up and down very pleased, the effect is totally contrary to their expectations. News spread to the provincial bureau, provincial bureaus of Qiqihar Secretary to inspect, inspection work, saw a full week, the evaluation is very high. Qiqihar tax department of backward areas by the information unit into one of the best in the country. To the Spring Festival, Qiqihar Mr Lee called to Pharaoh: "Buddy ah, to the New Year, I intend to send you something over, you do need to pay ah." To the Chinese New Year, to the Pharaoh sent them by train 4000 kilos of rice. And called and said: "In the beginning, and give you a bargain, do not know worth, it seems worth it, if you make money, there is no reason, had friends in this way." He course of development of tax software is divided into two phases. The first phase emphasized that the operability of the software business, that is, across the country to make a suitable, more complete and integrated software. Then the software technology, software technology, content may not be particularly critical issue. CTAIS1.0 cores to solve is the problem mentioned above, the emergence of technological obsolescence and he is reasonable.
For large enterprises, data capacity, the tape machine is a magnetic media rather than electronic media, not damaged, but also less vulnerable to hackers, viruses, has a higher security products. Sony AIT-3EX tape drive uses a unique helical scan technology to ensure data integrity. AIT tape drive and the head with a layer of air between the film, not the physical contact, so that the tape heads and live longer. AIT-3EX MTBF can reach more than 400,000 hours, the tape life can reach more than 30 years, is the tape storage industry-leading technology representative for. Sony AIT-3Ex uses a unique spiral scanning technique, tape the original single disk capacity can reach 150GB, non-compressed state, can store 150GB of data transfer speed of 18MB / s. If the use of compressed storage, the storage capacity will increase 2.6 times to reach 390GB. These features, not only have the Sony AIT-3EX high security, but also substantially increased the effectiveness of cost control SMBs, SMEs need to have a cost-effective.

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