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Part No. : SN65LBC184
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Specification Ordinance also requires that in the application of the provisions of the premises, do not pass the certification or certification of products will not allow access to CUP platform. CUP security "inhibition" is set to go head to terminal manufacturers, and gradually tightened. With the "norms" of the introduction, the major banks will naturally follow "standard" mobile payment terminals to improve market access threshold. In this "industry exam", the vendors will go from here? Bank Card Test Center from the relevant person in charge told us that in the previous CUP II-type telephone terminal test, physical projects in the A11 on the magnetic stripe reader is not required protection, but has recently begun requiring new censorship CUP II-type telephone terminal, A11 must be in accordance with the "PIN input device safety assessment guidelines" in the requirements for testing. CUP type ] terminal to further improve the safety certification standards.
The mainboard provides one PCI-E 16X slot, 2 PCIE 1X and two PCI slots. The mainboard provides 4 USB interfaces, with a digital coaxial output, integrated Fast Ethernet and 7.1 channel audio output. Edit Comment: Topstar Topstar H-N5AW part of overclocking series, in addition to a stable overclocking, the motherboard is also equipped with "Fort mine" technology, instant high voltage 4000 volts. It is called overclocking motherboard BIOS because there can be provided in the FSB and multiplier on the processor-by-trillion level adjustment, but also can adjust their overclocking CPU / memory / graphics card voltage. Recommended consumers with dual-core Athlon 4000 + processor. DFI motherboards in the minds of overclockers has a very high position as the main performance Intel P35 platform is also clearly recognized by the consumer product. The combination will be destined for consumers to experience an entirely new performance platform. Today I learned that the total generation from the DFI motherboard, DFI motherboard has been present across the board cut the price of the product segment, of which the red blood Infinity P35-T2R motherboard has adjusted from the original price of 1299 yuan to 999 yuan.

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