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Part No. : SN65LBC175D
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Input Terminals AV 1: Audio L / R inputs, YPbPr AV 2: Audio L / R inputs, YPbPr AV 3: Audio L / R inputs, CVBS input, S-video input Front / Side connections: Audio L / R input, CVBS input, headphone output, S-video input Edit Comment: Philips 52PFL7432 offers a number of its own high-end display technologies, such as 2-by-point precision on behalf of clarity and dynamic contrast enhancement, are the relatively high-end Philips 52-inch FULL HD LCD TV, but the only regret is that the machine does not come with magnificent Ambilight technology, but also because in this way, the price for this high-end machines are not so "exaggerated", the current of this 52PF7432 the price is only 29,999 yuan, recommend attention. Konka secretly just a listing of the model PD32E33 32-inch plasma TV, as the domestic TV brands launched in the fourth. The aircraft is currently priced at 5,499 yuan, a little of your side, for the 852 480 resolution, clarity, buying very little meaning, lets take a look at this TV. The TV features a full black design, materials used for the piano material, looks generous fashion. Screen, the Konka PD32E33 made using the LG 32-inch plasma panel, the physical resolution of 852 480, reach the high-definition standard.

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